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    So searching for indie horror games on I ran across this and made a video c; tell me what you think of Calm time.
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    This game looks pretty cool in my opinion. It doesn't have that much of an atmosphere but i think that the entire concept of being the "Murderer" is a brilliant one. It makes you feel a little bit of guilt for what your actions!
    The games great!!
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    Jumpscares and Loud Noises!

    Like Kaoss said, interesting concept, being the murderer. Games like this irritate me though since they try to be scary but really just are surprising (noises). I'm not saying that you can't make jumpscares work, but when it is the whole game, it isn't horror. You didn't make the game, so nothing against you, but it still needs work. Better or more dialogue to actually tell a story, volume down, and a ghost that doesn't appear suddenly would go a long way. The best ghost was the nail-on-chalkboard ghost from White Day. Soft noises that make you investigate and a ghost that slowly appears. That's scary.
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