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    Since I'm an asshat and love recommending terrifying custom stories to John, I figured I'd start a thread here so he - as well as you, fellow Critical Viewers! - can find and enjoy good, quality mods.

    I will most likely have played each mod I post here so that I may decide whether or not it is worthy.

    Let me post a little rubric that details how I judge an Amnesia mod to be of good quality:

    • Logical Maps - Do the maps make sense? Why would you go from Bedroom -> Dining Hall -> Food Storage with no other way out of your house? Guests have to enter and exit through the Food Storage?

    • Detailed Environment - Are the maps nicely decorated? Do any of the textures clip into one another? Are there misaligned textures that allow the player to see out of bounds? Does the creator make good use of colors and lighting to either soothe, scare, or lull the player into a false sense of security?

    • Quality Scares - Does the creator rely more on noises and atmosphere, or does he use cheap jump scares? Is there a good build up to the first monster sighting, or does he just throw one at you? Are there too many monsters? Too Few?

    • Immersion - Does the creator keep everything "in character"? Does he put the player in that "fictional dream" where the player actually forgets he is playing a game? Does the creator break the fourth wall (not necessarily a bad thing if done correctly)? Does he add in a reference just to stroke the ego of one shitty LP'er?

    • Gimmick - This aspect is not used often unless the map is interesting enough to push past the silliness of it, such as Cry Oni. Usually "troll" maps are thrown away instantly, unless there is a very good reason not to do so.

    While failing any of these aspects does not warrant a story to be automatically removed from consideration (Fekete Keres is a good example of breaking Immersion... Just check out the hotels sign in sheet, yet it still made it onto this list), it definitely lowers the quality of the mod, to some degree, in my opinion.

    The list starts here!

    Please send me a Private Message with any suggestions you think should be on this list! Replies to this thread will be removed in order to keep things tidy! Don't worry, you will get full credit (starting 6/10/13)

    Is the name somewhat familiar, Critical Viewers? Well it should be! This is basically Ao Oni in Amnesia. The only drawback is the blue demon you see in the actual Ao Oni game is not present, and instead something called a "Sup Guy" is used. Still unnerving - and rather hilarious - nonetheless!

    Digressiophobia is working its way to the top of the list of my all time favorite Amnesia mods. The concept is quite genius: you "control" two characters and can switch between them via clicking on a book on desks set throughout each of the maps. This allows for a fresh kind of gameplay where you can control one character (they are separated soon after the story begins) to find items which will help you solve puzzles with the other character.

    Another great Full Conversion mod that is supposedly based upon a real haunted house and real events in Sweden. Has some unique scares and puzzles as well an original environment and sounds.

    Another great mod from the maker of Insanity Nocturnal Confusion. There is only one map, but there is so much content packed into it! Proves that you don't need a million maps with one puzzle each to create a decently sized mod.

    One of the most beautifully decorated and detailed mods... and some of the most unnerving rooms and sequences.

    I haven't had the chance to play this one, but it's another highly rated mod and has had some very high things said about it.

    Like Digressiophobia, Gary - Dark Secrets is near the top of my all time favorite Amnesia mods. The voice acting is superb (the best voice acting I've heard in Amnesia since Alexander himself), and the story is quite good, albeit a little generic - although that may change as more Chapters are released and the story is fleshed out.

    I played the demo of this mod a while back, and it was amazing. The ModDB page advertises seven hours of gameplay, excellent quality voice acting, (really) difficult puzzles, a gripping storyline, totally custom music, and NEW MONSTERS. I haven't played the full release - yet - so I'm not sure if the new monsters are implemented, but from what I remember of the demo, this mod was particularly horrifying regardless.

    I haven't had the chance to play this one, but according to the moddb page, it has voice acting, an original story, multiple endings, and is very highly rated.

    Another really well made and long mod, like The Things in the Night. Barring some spelling and grammar errors (I don't think the creator is a native English speaker) this mod is one of my favorites and scary as hell. Never thought I'd be afraid of the sound, "Psst"... and screw abandoned shelters/hotels.

    A decently sized mod with new monsters, sounds, and music! Pretty nice story, although it's a little too Shyamalan for my tastes. Regardless! It's pretty darn good: the puzzles are fresh and the voice acting is not bad!

    This custom story has some really great puzzles so far (although a few are rather confusing and take either guesswork, luck, or common sense). Definitely has one of the most unique themed chases I've ever experienced in Amnesia. I haven't actually finished it, but I've played enough to know that you should definitely check it out!

    A great Full Conversion mod with custom monsters and some original environments. The only issue I have with this one is complete lack of story going into the castle/mansion. I mean, you can piece together what happens, but it's always nice to have relevant notes/diaries as you go along.

    Ignore the banner that was obviously made in MS Paint; the mod itself is actually quite good: original decoration/environments, good scares (there -are- a few jumpscares), good story, and it's long as hell.

    An interesting take on the aftermath of The Dark Descent, Daniel finds himself on the other side of the portal Alexander was attempting to open. Here we find the maker's interpretation of Alexander's motives, as well as a glimpse of Alexander's home world.

    Another well made mod with an interesting story and well designed environments and scares. A little buggy sometimes, but good nonetheless.

    - thank you famguy210!
    A highly rated mod with nicely detailed environments and interesting storyline! Not to mention you can FINALLY use one of the thousands of candles lying around as a light source!
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    Huge list courtesy of JellyBeanDude27!

    I've played a few of these, such as: Mansion 1408, Castle of Devastating Diseases, Killings in Altstadt (made by the guy who made Tenebris Lake!), Late Night Drink, Confederacy's Nightmare, and others.

    Down the Rabbit Hole


    Amnesia: Last Night

    Mansion 1408

    Study of Insanity

    The Seed


    Dark Case

    A Light Night Drink


    Library of Alexandria

    The Monster Affair



    Confederacy's Nightmare

    Insomnia: The Wake Trilogy

    Dark Seclusion

    The Interrogation

    Bitterwood Peak

    The Dark Treasure

    The Grey Eagle

    Castle of Devastating Diseases

    The Call From Another Dimension

    Heart Bondage (and others!)

    Painful Shadows

    Losing My Head

    Projekt 564

    Killings in Altstadt

    Inn of the Shadows

    An Unexpected Arrival

    24 Hour Amnesia Project
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    List updated: 11/21/13

    Thanks, JellyBeanDude27!
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